Nano Medi熊果素原液有效穩定的和治療皮膚色素物質,能迅速地減低皮膚色素的活躍性,並傳出訊息給黑色素細胞減少黑色素的產生,強效治療及穩定皮膚色素物質,減少黑色素的產生及沉著,加速皮膚新陳代謝,使整體膚色亮白無瑕。

Nano-Arbutin is a stable and extremely effective skin lightening treatment. It quickly promotes lightening of the skin and provides an even tone on all skin types. This special Complex will help to lighten your overall skin colour and reduce the appearance of dark spots and discolorations. Alpha-Arbutin is a pure, water-soluble, biosynthetic active ingredient. It acts quickly, safely and extremely efficiently, and meets all the requirements of a modern skin lightening and skin depigmentation product.


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